viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Lunes 3/10: Pulse Emitter (USA) + Narcoleptica

Pulse Emitter (Digitalis, Gneiss Things, USA) is the project of Portland, Oregon programming master Daryl Groetsch, and over the years has produced a fantastic variety of modular mayhem both turbulent and soothing, utilizing a bank of home-made synths and electronics. Deep space explorations worthy of Hawkwind, precise, controlled soundbombing akin to the most broken Throbbing Gristle moments.
Groetsch has released music on such excellent imprints as Steve Hauschildt's Gneiss Things, Digitalis, Ultra Eczema, Chondritic Sound and more.

A music of awe-inspiring beautythat is as momentous as Ligeti or Gorecki" - David Keenan
"HANDS DOWN album of the year, already. I want to say this is the culmination and apogee of composed synthesizer music in the new millennium, but I guarantee Daryl's got plenty more tricks up his sleeve." - CHM

Forest [Forest, Mountain, Valley tape, Tranquility Tapes 2011] by Pulse Emitter

La velada la abrirá la gran Narcoleptica (Madrid/Sevilla), cuya música se basa en la experimentación con capas, la grabación de loops en tiempo real y el aprovechamiento de recursos ajenos a lo estrictamente musical.

Lunes 3 de octubre 2011 / 21 horas / 8 euros

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