lunes, 10 de octubre de 2011

Jueves 13/10: Faustine Seilman (FR) + Birds Are Alive (FR)

Two years after the release of the melancholic «Silent Valley», Faustine Seilman returns with «Whispers and Shouts», an album dappled in light and shadows.

Born to a Singhalese father exiled in England and a French mother, Faustine grew up in Nantes and Brighton, nourished by the sounds of various folk musics and anglo-saxon psychedelic rock. She went on to pursue rigorous classical training in piano that she later abandoned to devote herself to her first songs in her paternal tongue, an homage to his passing and a translation of the musical heritage that he left behind (Carole King, Neil Young, Melanie…).

Faustine cultivated her songwriting within various groups (most notably My Name is Nobody) before recording her first solo album. Accompanied by her younger brother and enduring accomplice, Jonathan K. Seilman (multi-instrumentalist and composer) as well as Vincent Dupas (guitarist and singer of the band My Name is Nobody), she later teamed up with Pierre Marolleau who introduced a new rhythmic tension to her songs.

The momentum she developed from having shared the stage with such celebrated figures as Moriarty, Alela Diane, Micky Green, Vic Chesnutt, Laëtitia Sheriff and even Thee Silver Mount Zion, pushed her to continue writing with her band and to record 11 new songs in the spring of 2009 at La Fosse aux Loups (The Wolf Pit, her country hearth), assisted by the producer Gaël Desbois (Laëtitia Sheriff, Mobiil). She left the arrangements to Jonathan K. Seilman, who had just finished working on “Characters” of The Patriotic Sunday (Collectif-Effervescence 2009).

This is blues, as a lonesome but not really .....with a primitive drumkit and an old Kay guitar ....

Jueves 13 de Octubre. En La Faena II -C/ Alfonso Gómez 35, callejón; al ladito del metro Suanzes (L5)-. 21 Horas. 7 Euros.

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