miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Viernes 27/4: The Shitty Listener + El Intruso + Narcoleptica

'My erstwhile project is The Shitty Listener. It's a performance art thing involving occasionally a band of sorts or at other times just cassettes and Dictaphones going off with my friends playing flutes or keys or whatever else seems appropriate. For the most part it's accapella and I just sing stories or use my voice as an instrument. It's totally satisfying! I'm not trying to 'tell' anyone anything. It's more or less just a performing inexplicable mentality....an attempt to demonstrate what I find that works about or within music.Essentially, it's an elaboration on several other ideas and bands I've done over the last ten years. To be honest, it's something I should have started a long time ago.Also, I play bass in Teenage Panzerkorps as well as sing and play other instruments in The Child Readers, The Walking Corpses, St. Maurice. The Greens,Pinks and Whites to name a few. Not all of this is necessarily punk sounding but in approach and attitude it's true to my humble beginnings.'


Narcoleptica es el proyecto musical unipersonal desarrollado desde el año 2006 por Beatriz Vaca (componente de Hielo en Varsovia, Kippel, La Petite Mort y Canadá) cuya música se basa en la experimentación con capas, la grabación de loops en tiempo real y el aprovechamiento de recursos ajenos a lo estrictamente musical. Instrumentos clásicos y virtuales, programaciones y voces: elementos que Narcoleptica unifica para crear una experiencia sonora en la que el oyente es partícipe desde los cimientos de cada canción, viviendo su desarrollo y construcción por capas de sonido.


Rave Session.

El viernes 27 de abril en La Faena II. 21:30 horas, 5 euros.

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