jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Sábado 2/11: Fawn Spots (UK) + thewOOTer

Desde York (UK), FAWN SPOTS
"The noise-niks no one's talking about...delivering hyperactive, effect's drenched pop-ditties with the fever of the early SST bands, their often dramatic, always entertaining and ridiculously energetic live show is a must for fans of early college rock, eighties American punk and the lo-fi/noise resurgence of recent times."


Y el estreno mundial de thewOOter: trío con Búter (Pier, AU…) y su hermana Raquel Ameba (Ameba) en su formación:


Sábado 2 de noviembre en La Faena II. 21:30 horas, 8 euros.

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